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Our Story

As they say "Crisis Creates Opportunity"

We are a boutique from Ottawa, Canada that started during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. When Kelly was forced to shut down her Salon Company, Kelly's Barber & Beauty, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked into high gear. Instead of deciding to sit back and wait for businesses to be allowed to open again, she sprung into action and started an online store for the salons hair product offerings. It quickly morphed into so much more than that. Taking into consideration her love of shopping, fashion, clothing and accessories (not to mention her MASSIVE Pintrest fashion boards), she decided that finding and curating a collection of clothing for women like her was going to be her next adventure.

Who We Are

Welcome to the KBB Fam my friend! We are a Canadian boutique that caters to busy women who like versatile clothing options. With pieces carefully curated by our founder, Kellyann Riley, we strive to make what you’re going to wear one less decision you have to make in your day. From work to play, or from haircare to self care and everything in between, we have you covered from head to toe.

Behind the Brand

Meet the people behind KBB Boutique!


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